Ide penulisan semua kata ini berasal dari ketidakpahaman teman-teman saya terhadap kata Bahasa Jawa yang saya gunakan walaupun mereka pun sesama Orang Jawa. Hal ini bisa karena logat setempat, atau percampuran unsur kata bahasa lain. Namun yang saya tulis disini tak seluruhnya kata dalam Bahasa Jawa.

glubak-glubuk is a condition when you have so manu things to do but you are too tired jist by seeing it, so you decided to lying on bed and do nothing or rolling over your body.

begeuh is a condition when you eat to much so your stomach feel so full, so automatically you put your hand on your belly or on your back just like a pregnant woman.

maci is an activity that people know as lunch, but if youre have a little sense of alay or cuteness you prefer to use maci to mention your lunch.

malang kadak is a position of a thing that cross other things or placed untidily so your mom maybe wont like it and ask you to move that gonna be worse if that thing is you.

bengkeng is a condition when your ‘bangkekan’ got stiff it usually because of bad position when sit for a long time and if you rarely do sport it gonna be worse.